Slurry Handling

Slurry handling is an important aspect of modern dairy farming and as such ElectroMech Agri Limited offers a range of products designed specifically for the dairy farm industry.

ElectroMech’s own CLEARWAY brand of slurry equipment as well as the renowned Pollock Chain Scraper systems, offer dairy farmers a range of benefits in addition to quality and reliability.

As Ireland’s premier dairy farm support partner, EMA provide customers with full installation and maintenance options for all of our Slurry handling products.

For full information and pricing, please contact us directly via phone or email and we’ll answer any queries you may have.

CLEARWAY Hydraulic scrapers & feed pushers

Designed, built and installed by dairy experts, for dairy farmers, ElectroMech’s CLEARWAY brand of scraper equipment uses tried and tested methods, such as chain and track technology, to ensure high efficiency and reliability for years to come.


  • Strong and Robust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Standard system up to 4 passages unit
  • Mixture of Slurry and Feed Scrapers off the same control unit
  • Different Passage Lengths
  • Odd Number of Passages
  • Passages in different orientations
  • Easy Servicing
  • Long Service Intervals
  • Enhanced Scraping Speed
  • Fully galvanized construction

Control Unit Basic version

  • Analogue Control Systems
  • Single and Twin Time Clock options
  • Hard wired control system
  • Batch Scraping times or Individual scraping times
  • Oil Level indicator
  • Oil Filters

Control Unit Advanced version

  • Digital Control System
  • Industrial PLC operated
  • Batch passage scrapping
  • Individual passage scrapping
  • Energy Saving Option
  • Oil Level indicator
  • Oil Filters

Track and ram box

  • Hydraulic Pipe Ducting
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Stainless Steel Option