BouMatic SR1 – Robotic Post Dip System Suitable for All External Rotary Milking Systems

BouMatic SR1 – Robotic Post Dip System Suitable for All External Rotary Milking Systems

Introducing the BouMatic SR1 Robotic Post Dip System

Technology, Durability and Efficiency in Perfect Balance
The BouMatic SR1 robotic post dip system continues BouMatic’s long tradition of innovation for the world’s dairy producers and reinforces the strategic decision for BouMatic to develop new robotic solutions for milk producers around the world after the successful launch in Europe of the ProFlex™ Milking Robot.

BouMatic SR1 will provide speed, durability and efficiency in a compact system for post dipping for external rotary systems. Using BouMatic SR1 the dairy producer will improve profitability, by utilising the benefits of high performance and consistent post milking hygiene, and save labour costs.

Improved Profitability with Improved Animal Protection

The Cows Matter Most
On all of their systems, BouMatic strives to provide its customers with the ultimate milking quality by ensuring complete, quick and gentle stress free milking. The new durable and reliable BouMatic SR1 robotic post dip system will help to increase cow throughput and efficiency in external rotary milking systems.

Rotary milking systems have the highest throughput of any milking system. The external rotary system requires at least two people, one on entry to the platform preparing the udder and applying the milking unit and the other at the exit of the platform to post dip the udder once the cow has milked out.

The BouMatic SR1 robotic post dip arm will automatically post dip the cow at the exit of the external rotary and therefore reduce the need for labour.

The advantages of Robotic Teat Dip Application Provides:

• Reduced labour costs
• Efficient Teat Dip usage
• Consistent dip application
• High level of udder hygiene for a higher animal health resulting in  more milk and revenue

The BouMatic SR1 is engineered for today’s rotary milking systems

• Low energy demand
• Compact size provides easy unit placement
• Can retrofit onto virtually any external rotary milking system
• Engineered for operation in the toughest environment
• Low maintenance
• Easy access for cleaning and service
• Each SR1 will be assembled and fully tested before leaving the factory
• Fast, efficient installation and start-up on your dairy.

The BouMatic SR1 creates the link between the long tradition of innovation from BouMatic and the strategic area BouMatic is expanding on, udder hygiene for better cow health:

• BouMatic is one of the worldwide leader in Milking Equipment and Hygiene products
• BouMatic has several hygiene and cleaning product manufacturing plants globally
• BouMatic and its dealer network are expanding rapidly, providing innovation and a new global approach to their clients