BouMatic MR-S1 Robotic Milking System

BouMatic MR-S1 Robotic Milking System

Milking from behind
We are the first on the market to introduce a robotic milking system that does not milk the cow from the side, but from behind. This immediately offers plenty of advantages with regard to traffic, animal well-being and protection of the robotic system. The MR-S1 is the result of our innovative vision and extensive scientific research. The milking robot gives you high-quality milk in a very efficient way.

Thorough and reliable
The cow determines when she wants to be milked. The identification system recognizes the cow and assesses whether she needs to be milked and determines the amount of concentrate required. The robot arm approaches the cow between her rear legs and the teats are individually washed and pre-milked with the help of the separate pre-treatment cup.

Controlled milking process
The robot arm completes the milking process from its completely closed off technical space. All data about washing, prepping and actually milking and checking the cows are stored in the database. The quality of the milk is continuously monitored.

Cow Sorting
An important advantage of the MR-S1 is that it allows for selection and separation of the cows. The system contains an entrance and exit at both sides. Since the milking process is done from the rear, it can be determined per cow individually through which gate she is to leave the milking machine. This allows for a separation of the cows. This may be important when cows that are receiving an antibiotics treatment should be

cowflow MR-S1

separated from the rest of the herd. It’s also possible to send some cows into the meadow, whereas the rest is sent to the stables. It simplifies cow traffic and saves a lot of valuable time and construction costs of selection gates.

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