HeatSeeker™ II

HeatSeeker™ II

The HeatSeeker™ II activity system uses state-of-the-art electronic motion sensing technology to monitor cow activity. It is designed to operate in any harsh dairy environment. The HeatSeeker II activity system operates at ISO frequency.

• Available as classic activity

• Available in both leg and neck tag options

• Versatile, simple and reliable

• Operates at ISO frequency (134.2 KHz)

• Easily applied

• Combined ID and activity monitoring

The HeatSeeker II system is augmented by BouMatic’s patented SmartEID programming technology. SmartEID provides consistent and reliable cow identification and milk weight assignments. Identification rates greater than 95 percent are routinely achieved when the BouMatic tag recommendations and Site Evaluations are followed.

The HeatSeeker II system includes an ISO RFID controller, full duplex neck or leg tags, walk-through or floor antenna and 24V power supply. A Site Evaluation is mandatory before installing the HeatSeeker II activity system.