Electromech Agri Debut at AgriScot 2011

Electromech Agri Debut at AgriScot 2011

Electro Mech Agri Limited is Ireland, Scotland and Northern England exclusive BouMatic dealer, dairy equipment supplier, installer, retailer, service provider and support centre. ElectroMech Agri have exhibited at AgriScot 2011 for the first time.

AgriScot is now one of the UK’s premier dairy events and very important for ElectroMech Agri and BouMatic to showcase its equipment.

At AgriScot this year, ElectroMech Agri introduced the Swing Flow swing-over and internal rotary with feeding, along with Boumatic HiFlo Evolution, their newest pulsator and full line dairy equipment and products. The HiFlo Evolution pulsator reinforces the BouMatic principle of milking:

“The milking machine should remove the available milk from the cow’s udder gently, completely and quickly.”

ElectroMech Agri also showcase BouMatic’s SmartDairy Management system in AgriScots new product competition. SmartDairy is engineered in modules to allow dairy operators to build a management system ideally suited to their dairy. As the dairy grows, management capability can be added with SmartDairy modules.

In the milking parlour, SmartDairy manages pulsation, meters and detachers so dairy managers can evaluate cows, milk production and employee efficiency. For efficient cow traffic flow, SmartDairy controls crowd gates, stall operation and all entrance, exit and sort gates. Outside the parlour, SmartDairy manages milk flow through the receivers and cooling system for maximum cooling efficiency. Cow health and comfort are managed through specialized hoof care and feeding systems.

“AgriScot is an important event for showcasing ElectroMech Agri and BouMatic capabilities,” Jim McLean explained. The show has been a success in promoting both ElectroMech Agri and BouMatic within the UK and ElectroMech Agri were happy to show support by co-sponsoring the show ring” Jim McLean added.