ElectroMech Agri is pleased to offer you a full range of cooling tanks and cooling solutions for your farm. Our range of Cooling equipment can be viewed below, for full details or sales enquiries please contact us directly:


Glacier Milk Tanks

The Glacier milk cooler from BouMatic quality built for maximum dependability

Built with precision-engineered evaporator plates, the Glacier delivers the perfect balance of maximum cooling, consistent pressure drops, uniform refrigerant distribution and efficient oil return. This means the most cost-efficient operation for your dairy.

With both heavy duty and medium duty tanks available, ElectroMech will ensure you have a suitable system for your dairy needs.


OptiFlo CF

The only true variable speed milk transfer control system for the ultimate in cooling system efficiency

When milk is pumped through your cooling system at optimum flow rates, more efficient heat transfer occurs at the plate cooler. This reduces cooling system requirements and lowers energy consumption.

The OptiFlo™ CF uses the dairy industry’s only completely 3A approved single, continuous float probe to measure pressures in your milk transfer system to maintain smooth, optimum milk flow through your cooling system.

With the OptiFlo CF and its 3A approved single, continuous float probe, you no longer have to settle for old style, energy wasting, variable speed milk pump controls with their inefficient pre-set pump speeds. Whether your tank is near empty or full, the OptiFlo CF system automatically adjusts to provide optimum milk flow for maximum milk cooling efficiency.


BouMatic Plate Coolers

BouMatic Plate Coolers are unrivalled for fast, efficient milk cooling and will use your well water or chilled water for maximum cooling effectiveness. The durable construction and efficient design cools quickly for highest milk quality.

BouMatic Plate Coolers are engineered with a special internal stainless steel plate system that allows fresh milk to roll across a series of unique cooling plates.This maximizes contact between the milk and the plate surfaces for the most efficient heat transfer.

Total instant coolingBouMatic Plate Coolers can be used with well water and a chilled water glycol coolant to instantly cool milk to the optimum 36°F.

An efficient pre-coolerBouMatic Plate Coolers cool milk before it reaches your tank. This means less cooling time and less agitation in the bulk milk cooler. You save energy, reduce costs, and maintain optimum milk quality.



The revolutionary Therma-Stor® Heat Recovery System is a cost saving, double-walled heat exchanger and water storage system that captures the heat your cooling process naturally loses and uses it to heat your water.

The ultimate in cost-saving efficiency!

Cooling systems without a Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System simply allow valuable heat from the milk to dissipate into the air – a lost opportunity for energy conservation and cost savings

Water heating costs are reduced by as much as 65 percent with the Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System, based on volume of milk cooled, compressor run time and water usage.